We carefully select our wood shavings from the northeast region in North America in order to offer a variety of moisture free products to our customers. As wood shavings are more abundant in the summer than in winter, we store our products in bulk in our warehouses. We house more than 800 trailers to ensure adequate availability of our products. At the end of the summer, our four million cubic feet warehouse is filled, allowing us to meet product demand through the fall and winter months.

What makes us stand apart from the competition is that we do not bag our product right from the mill. Our wood shavings are transported to our high-tech factories so that we may sort and create blends that meet the specific needs of the animal.


Environmental values ​​of the company

In the interest of protecting our natural resources, we do not cut any trees to turn them into wood shavings.

Only the planing of dried lumber is used in the production of wood shavings.


Here are the most important stages of production:

  • Pre-dried products are unloades, tested and sorted according to several criteria.

  • The selected chips are the mixed according to previously designed recipes or according to precise customer specifications.  The mixture is then transported to the production line where it will be processesd and re-mixed to ensure uniformity.  Thi ensure that all bags have exactle the same composition, regardless of the size or type used.

  • The mixture is then compressed with 2200 pounds of pressure before being packaged and sealed.

  • Various sophisticated equipement is used to package the product efficiently with little human involvement.

  • Once loaded in trailers, the bags are re-checked one last time to make sure they are properly sealed and that they are not damaged.  Delivery on pallets is also available.  This method comprises of wrapping the product with a clear plastic wrap.  Note that a trailer loaded with pallets contains fewer bags of wood shavings than trailer loaded with just the bags.

  • Our innovative pallet system allows outdoor storage of more than 250,000 bags while continuing to preserve the quality of the product. In addition, since our pallets and bags are seals hermetically so that our customers can obtain supplies throughout the winter months.

Quality control:

– Quality control of our products is carried out at each stage of production.

– In particular, we verify the consistency and weight of all our bags.

– Products that do not meet strict established standards are removed from production line.