Top Bedding Equine Dry

  • -Neutralizes ammonia and absorbs moisture
  • – Is non-toxic, non-caustic, non-irritating and safe to use
  • – Reduces bedding costs and saves labour
  • – Can be used on any surface in stalls, pens and trailers


Health benefits of Top Bedding Equine Dry include:

– Reduced risk of heaves and other respiratory diseases

– Reduced risk of thrush

– Faster healing of existing sores and rashes

Bedding with a high moisture content and humid air can hold ammonia, one of the three main causes for respiratory distress in horses. Show your animal you care by using Top Bedding Equine Dry.

Type of bags :

Plastic • Without staples

Kind availaible :

  • Equine Dry Powder
  • Equine Dry Pellets

One or more skids can be added to your wood shavings order.

Average weight :

33 lbs ou 15 kg