Isomat – A natural and healthy form of protection ideal for :

– Stables
– Veterinary clinics
– Equestrian centres

Easy to install

– A natural and healthy form of protection

  • – Prevents damages to floors
  • – Absorbs vibrations and reduces noise levels
  • – A highly durable product
  • – Creates a healthy environment
  • – Provides excellent protection against scrapes and other injuries caused by falls; especially good for young piglets scrambling for food.
  • – Its non-porous honeycomb surface filters out urine and manure. It can be washed easily and dries quickly.
  • – Its new ergonometric antiskid surface can be used indoors or outdoors, and makes cleaning procedures much easier
  • – Is resistant to acids contained in most products that are used to eliminate bacteria and other health risks
  • – Provides insulation against cold, damp concrete floors — a source of fatigue and rheumatism
  • Because of the rubber’s density, it offers orthopedic benefits for animals, helping to prevent deterioration of the joints.

Size :

48″ x 72″

Approximate thickness :


Surface : 


Underside :

1/4″ x 1/8″ grooves every 3/4″ for ventilation

Sides :

Bevelled or square cut

Weight : 

100 lbs

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